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Handcrafted and made to order in 2-3 weeks in our NYC showroom shipped to your doorstep! All pieces are available in 14k or 18k, in any color enamel or gemstone. To further customize contact one of our online designers and let us turn your dreams into a reality.

30 products found in Céramique Collection

14K Peridot Ceramic Ring
  • $1,285.00
14K Tsavorite Ceramic Ring
  • $845.00
14K Pink Sapphire Ceramic Ring
  • $795.00
14K Citrine Ceramic Ring
  • $1,185.00
14K Blue Topaz Ceramic Ring
  • $2,585.00
18K Ceramic and Peridot Drop Earrings
  • $2,345.00
18K Amethyst and Ceramic Drop Earrings
  • $2,145.00
18K Columbian Emerald Ceramic Ring
  • $11,450.00
18K Peridot Ceramic Ring
  • $1,185.00
14K Ceramic Three Stone Ring
  • $2,565.00
18K Ceramic Aquamarine Stackable Ring
  • $945.00
14K Ceramic Iolite Ring
  • $1,295.00