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Fine Single Earrings

Crafted from 14k gold, genuine gemstones, and diamonds, our fine jewelry single earrings make for perfect additions to add to your ear stack for the ultimate curated ear.

14K Single Diamond Handcuff Earring
  • $515.00
14K Single Sapphire Double Chain Earring
  • From $915.00
14K Single Diamond Ear Chain
  • $295.00
14K Diamond Paperclip Single Earring
  • $915.00
14K Ruby Single Saftey Pin Earring
  • $525.00
14K Diamond Cuff Chain Huggie
  • $1,145.00
14K Diamond Bezel Chain Earring
  • $485.00
14K Diamond Single Saftey Pin Earring
  • $385.00