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Handcrafted in the heart of NYC. 
5A is the best grade among CZ our hand-cut CZ are of much higher quality. Though the A rating system is an industry standard, it is only applicable to cubic zirconia stones. Rated from lowest quality grade to highest, A, or 1A, are considered the lowest grade of CZ while AAAAA, or 5A, are considered the very best. Hand-cut cubic zirconia stones are individually cut with great precision. Each stone is painstaking cut, by highly trained professionals, giving them the brilliance of fine diamonds.

8 products found in Cubic Zirconia Set In 14K

14K Cubic Zirconia Studs
  • From $85.00
14K 16.5 Carat Tennis Bracelet
  • $2,485.00
14K 2 Carat Oval Eternity Band
  • From $395.00
14K Pear Slanted Necklace
  • $625.00
14K Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring
  • $2,650.00
14K Asscher Cut CZ Studs
  • $185.00
14K Asscher Cut CZ Studs
  • $150.00
14K Cubic Zirconia 4 Carat Tennis Bracelet
  • $1,165.00