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Think Before Buying Your Jewelry From A Mall

Think Before Buying Your Jewelry From A Mall

The issue with purchasing a piece of jewelry from a volume driving mall location is all of these items are mass produced, and the focus on creating these pieces is volume not quality. My career began in working as such locations at the age of 16, and quickly became the youngest store manager of all 866 stores across the country. These stores push credit apps and sell thousands of the same items across the country. Do you really want the same piece of jewelry that thousands of women have? Quality is everything and sadly mass produced pieces such as this used low grade diamonds and do not offer the appropriate certification and set diamonds in 10k gold to make even more profit. Many department stores even have vague descriptions selling created gemstones for the price of natural stones. 

Experience, integrity and professionalism are must have qualities your jewelry needs to have. Experience is so important, as I have seen so many poorly designed and constructed pieces. It saddens me as a client comes to you for your expertise and depends on your  knowledge and it creates a lack in trust in the industry. 

I left that industry early in my career as I wanted to sell and create high quality pieces that were completely customizable. There is no one size fits all approach to jewelry, each piece should evoke emotion and should be truly built to last. I wanted to build a team of experts with true understanding of every aspect of the industry from CAD design  to understanding how the mechanics of creating wearable art. Understanding that we design with you in mind, and listening to our clients needs and wants without sacrificing our integrity. 

Be mindful of many of these online brands who lack the experience creating such pieces. I have seen a significant influx of pop up brands created by "up and coming" designers selling pieces as their own. What disturbs me about this is they are unable to speak to the piece they sell of offer true after service. The other day I saw one of these "designers" selling a low grade emerald as a Columbian emerald. Its like hiring someone to do work in your home, would you go with a random person off Craigslist to do the job or hire a expert. 

Our passion is our jewelry and the truth can be heard from our loyal clients. Every attention to detail is taken into account when we design, our custom name piece for example, we only use solid 14k gold, fully backed and heavy, full cut vvs diamonds that really sparkle. So many piece out there use low grade single cut diamonds and the gold is paper thin. Did I mention we can create these pieces in any size and font? Anything is possible don't hesitate to ask.